The Heart of Christian Living

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Jesus Christ, in his first recorded teaching called the Sermon on the Mount, taught how to live a right Christian life which ends with entrance into the Kingdom of God. His powerful presentation dealt with the cause of life's problems, not just the symptoms, and how to change from the inside out. The Heart of Christian Living is a biblical class corresponding with the Sermon on the Mount. The instructions Jesus Christ gave are explained so the student can easily understand and immediately apply them.

Humility (Matthew 5:3)

Segment I

Kingdom of God

Segment II

Mourning (Matthew 5:4)

Segment III

Meekness (Matthew 5:5)

Segment IV

Hunger & Thirst (Matthew 5:6)

Segment V

Merciful (Matthew 5:7)

Segment VI

Pure in Heart (Matthew 5:8)

Segment VII

Peacemakers (Matthew 5:9)

Segment VIII

Persecution (Matthew 5:10-12)

Segment IX

Let Your Light Shine (Matthew 5:13-20)

Segment X

I Say Unto You (Matthew 5:21-32)

Segment XI

Resist Not Evil (Matthew 5:3-48)

Segment XII

Avoid Hypocrisy (Matthew 6:1-15)

Segment XIII

Kingdom First (Matthew 6:16-34)

Segment XIV

The Strait Gate (Matthew 7:1-14)

Segment XV

Do God's Will (Matthew 7:15-29)

Segment XVI

The class is presented as an 8 CD set and comes with a corresponding study guide.

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