Audio Teachings on CD

Audio Teachings are available to you at no cost. The teachings are from various home fellowships and meetings that we offer in our church. Christian Outreach Fellowships makes available these teachings as a way to reach out with the Gospel. You may choose to download these teachings directly to your computer in mp3 format from our Teachings page. You may also choose to receive the teaching on CD by sending us the requested information. It is our prayer that these teachings will help you grow into a greater understanding of God’s Word and a closer relationship with Almighty God.

These teachings are on various topics and are made available as often as we are able. If you would like to receive these teachings, please fill out the form below and send to:

Christian Outreach Fellowships
355 Coleridge Street
Plainedge New York 11756

Or you can e-mail the same information to

The generous gifts and donations of God’s people have made this possible and I want to thank all of you that have made this service possible. Donations are accepted with great appreciation and thankfulness, but will not be solicited.

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